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Coats that every woman should own

Coats that every woman should own.
As the weather gets cool, this is the time we tend to think about the best winter outerwear that will suit our style. By this we mean the most essential pieces in our wardrobes - the coats. This might be an element of your style in cold weathers and it is one of the most important decisions to make by buying one. A good coat is believed to elevate your look from a basic one to classic one. The good thing about coats is that they are so versatile and can literally be matched with almost everything in your closet. It is good to build a collection of coats for different temperatures and different occasions so that our winter won't be boring. Charmwish has the best women coats online for both your winter and summer closet.Below are few coats that should be a must have in your closet.

1.       A puffer coats.
This coat is the perfect one that can protect you from the cold especially when it gets to the freezing temperatures. It usually has a warm, water-resistant material that is perfect for snowy and rainy days. This coat should not be counted as luxury but a necessary wardrobe essential we all need. Pair this coat with jeans and nice sneakers or cute boots that will prevent your legs from catching the cold.

2.       Pea coats.
This is the type of coat you should go for whenever you want to feel stylish and classy during winter. The coats are usually short, double breasted and woolen, and that definitely keeps you warm. Style this coats with a nice skirt and a hat to create a vintage look. This type of coat is available in different designs all available at affordable prices and you can choose one depending on your preference.

3.       Leather jacket.
When we talk about classic and timeless piece we mean a leather jacket. These coats are made from leather which makes them last for a long period. Leather jackets are so versatile such that you can wear them with anything from your skirts to pants.
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